Fair Hill Starter Horse Trials (April 2024) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Baker, AshleighRegaloSHAccepted
Baltodano, AteashaHold My TiaraBNRAccepted
Barnett, MadisonSurprise TwistNRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Beach, DawnInstigatorNHAccepted
Beam, IsabellNapoleonELAccepted
Beattie, ErinLulu the LionBNRAccepted
Beattie, LeahThe Flying PickleBNRAccepted
Beatty, KaylinWestern DynamoSRAccepted
Bendl, BrianneMercedes SENHAccepted
Berkowitz, StevenBlackfoot MysteryBNRAccepted
Bevers, AngiHeathcliffSHAccepted
Blazek, KelseaDe Pino GrigioNHAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Blom, AnnaBallyengland CraftyBNRAccepted
Bradford, EmilyRose TravelerNHAccepted
Browning-Elam, Emma GraceQuick N Limely (Hank)SRAccepted
Butler, CarrieDr. MacBNHAccepted
Chestnut, SummerGalant Sylvester (Galan)SHAccepted
Chubb, AlisonAggreysiveNHAccepted
Chubb, AlisonGlamorous LifeSHAccepted
Cincilla, AubreyAlready in loveNRAccepted
Clendaniel, SaraBella VitaNRAccepted
Clune, KatieQadarSRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Cole, GinnySergeant ParkerNHAccepted
Collison, TaylorSkye’s the LimitOEAccepted
Cooper, CourtneyExcel Star AtlasONAccepted
Cooper, CourtneyStorybook StarBNHAccepted
Cousins, SarahSheridan SquareONAccepted
Cousins, SarahGreat QuestBNHAccepted
Cousins, SarahFort RoyalONAccepted
Cunningham, KristenJust BellOEAccepted
D'Antona, MelissaThe Legend of CaldezOEAccepted
Dempsey, elizabethDie fledeurmauseBNRAccepted
Denton, LarkinIsle of SkyeELAccepted
Dirocco-Toy, BriannaSummit CountySRAccepted
Dukes, IsabelCaptainOEAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Dukes, ShelbyFrench ImpressionNRAccepted
Egan, EricaDanika HHFBNRAccepted
Ferguson, MattNa'HokuOBNAccepted
Flynn, LisaGiovanniBNRAccepted
Fogarty, LisaSuzzy QueELAccepted
Frankovich, PeytonBen-jamin' TravelerNRAccepted
Fremont, AngelaTilted HaloSRAccepted
Glynn, MaggieSpotted CatSHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver: Missing
Gower, BridgetFire DancerBNRAccepted
Grald, ArielTed 22ONAccepted
Griger, NataliePic Ur MintBNRAccepted
Guo, KarenCelosoSHAccepted
Hambleton, AnneD'Arpino BCSHAccepted
Hampton, BrendenVS McCuan Civil LibertyNRAccepted
Harrison, EmilieBacardiBNRAccepted
Hayden, MorganGoldie's BoySHAccepted
Hennis, RachelRed ReddingtonELAccepted
Herman, ElizaDakotaOBNAccepted
Hess, AddieGreen LaneBNRAccepted
Hickman, OliviaWe WillNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceYClasing - Recognized
Hillman, JasonCruisewithbrandonBNRAccepted
Hillman, KendallFancy LikeNRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Hillman, KendallTale gatoringBNRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Hinke, EmmaMondeuseOEAccepted
Hoey, JenniferGottawayBNHAccepted
Holland, KailynBest Shot YetSRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Hornbeck, PamelaFor the Fun of ItBNHAccepted
Hughes, MagdalynI’moverthemoonBNHAccepted
Johnson, KerraGideonBNHAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Keane, KevinGuggenheimNHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver: Missing
Keefer, MiriamMaster MagicianBNRAccepted
Kelly, JenniferJK'S OUTA TIMESHAccepted
Kessler, JulieKissONAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver: Missing
Kim, BrickleyWhitty RemarkBNRAccepted
Klara, OliviaRylee's RoosterBNRAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
LaDow, KristenJardin FFNRAccepted
Lambert, PattySimply ClassicSRAccepted
Laub, PaytonIsland Pal (Captain)SRAccepted
Licup, KymAjaxOEAccepted
Lorenz, JasmineMalibu Rock (Rocky)BNRAccepted
Lynn, DebbyLemon Drop KingELAccepted
Maillard, ArielJolly OllieOEAccepted
Mann, MackenzieQréme de la CrémeELAccepted
Marth, KristinaRedfield TeunNHAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceFair Hill Waiver: MissingYMarth - Recognized
McFadyen, AinsleyDagdaSHAccepted
Mendenhall, LaurenRegally IrishSHAccepted
Merchant, NathanExcel Star Sailor's DelightNRAccepted
Micai, MelissaTrulee YoursNRAccepted
Milanese, MyaSoups On The TableOBNAccepted
Moldenhauer, SadieAustinSRAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Murray, MackennaLe Vie BelleOEAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Nash, RemyClutch PlayerNRAccepted
Nguyen, GabrielleZeusNRAccepted
Nock, MeganTidewater’s BreezeBNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY
Novotny, KatieJaguar Rosette WGNRAccepted
O'Connell, NiamhOne Lark One LegendSRAccepted
O'Connor- Reichert, KeiraAdrenaline RushBNRAccepted
Penland, JordanAliasELAccepted
Pinder, GiulianaLost My TailBNRAccepted
Plumb, CassieExcel Star Double TakeNHAccepted
Powers, BrookeIndependent SonNRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Rainsberg, BrielleRileyOEAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver: Missing
Ratliff, MerrilynKoda BearONAccepted
Reagoso, CharlottePatterson CrossNRAccepted
Reiter, DanielHomerOEAccepted
Renzetti, AnnieMollyNRAccepted
Renzetti, AnnieJocelynSHAccepted
Richardson, DeanCeiraBNRAccepted
Richardson, LauraTrendBNRAccepted
Rodriguez, AilaEver Clear "Hardy"SRAccepted
Saucy, HannahLa BonitaBNRAccepted
Savannah, BurnettBaby BlueELAccepted
Schaeffer, KatieKDSL FalcorSRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Schoenthal, BrynZapataBNRAccepted
Schultze, ClaudiaExcel Star GraysonBNRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Shaffer, BarbaraExcel Star No DiggityNRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Shelbourne, AvaPreachattheriverNRAccepted
Simpson, LulaLittle chiefELAccepted
Sims, AudreySouthern DrifterNRAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver: Missing
Sluder, AudreySilver SpringsNRAccepted
Smith, AlyciaDevil on the LooseSHAccepted
Smith, AmandaBundi BundiELAccepted
Smith, CheyanneMagical MesaELAccepted
Smith, CheyanneRadical RootELAccepted
Somers, ConradElizar (FR)ELAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Stockar, KiraSamuraiBNRAccepted
Studds, SageWest Winds Opening Knight (Cookie)SRAccepted
Swartz, HaydenAmazing GraceBNRAccepted
Tabor, MadelineRed PhoenixSRAccepted
Taylor, SavannahCloud NineSHAccepted
Thompson, MeredithDaxBNHAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY
Venter, LaureanneI'll Have AnotherSRAccepted
VonNieda, BrooksFlash FrostOBNAccepted
Weaver, ElizabethWishboneSHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver: Missing
Weaver, RobynBrumbySHAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver: Missing
Werkiser, MariaDruid's GlenNRAccepted
Whisenant, KatieOutspokenBNRAccepted
Winants, RemySummer CountrySHAccepted
Wren, CharlieNothing BetterELAccepted
Zabarenko, LeahA Real CooleySRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceYLeah Zabarenko
Zabarenko, LeahDrops of JupiterELAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceYLeah Zabarenko

Division Entries
BNHBeginner Novice Horse (2022 USEF Beginner Novice Test A)8
BNRBeginner Novice Rider (2022 USEF Beginner Novice Test A)29
ELElementary (2023 USDF Introductory Test A)15
NHNovice Horse (2022 USEF Novice Test A)9
NRNovice Rider (2022 USEF Novice Test A)22
OBNOpen Beginner Novice (2022 USEF Beginner Novice Test A)4
OEOpen Elementary (2023 USDF Introductory Test C)10
ONOpen Novice (2022 USEF Novice Test A)6
SHStarter Horse (2022 USEA Starter)17
SRStarter Rider (2022 USEA Starter)16